I am a Solution-Focus Practices Coach registered with COMENSA and an Associate of the PROFACT Network. I specialize in coaching individuals, couples, families and teams.  I have a passion to help people develop their full potential as human beings.

Solution-Focus Practices is a way of dealing with life’s dead ends so that there is hope and new venues opened to enjoy life. It is a toolbox with tools to solve life’s problems. It is a map to a hopeful new future. It is a way of coaching people that bring about major practical changes in usually a very short time. Solution-Focus Practices adheres tot the motto that people are competent to solve their own problems, the coach just helps them to discover their own solutions that fit their needs.

This blog is intended to stimulate thinking about Solution-Focus Practices and to further the cause of Solution-Focus Practices within the South African context. It also wants to serve the needs of attendees of our courses on Solution-Focus Practices. Questions, answers and comments can be posted here. We hope to create dynamic interchanges between all persons interested in Solution-Focus Practices.



  1. Sjoe maar jy wikkel – MOOI BLOG

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